About AOC East:

About AOC East

New York’s original AOC was founded in the heart of New York City’s West Village in 2003 by Head Chef Romain Bonnans.  AOC East was born out of a desire to spread the exquisite flavors of AOC to the Upper East Side.

AOC East opened its doors in January 2017 and quickly became a neighborhood destination. The quality and flavor of the food, along with comfortable, intimate settings, set the perfect stage for romantic meals or friendly gatherings.

Our award-winning French wine selection has been carefully handpicked to offer you a dedicated representation of the French appellations; wines that truly express the quality of their Terroir. Our menu’s suggested wine pairings have been meticulously crafted to enhance every flavor and to satisfy small and big hungers.  We also focus on supporting  Local, Organic and Biodynamic farming with ingredients you can feel good about.  

Brunch favorites such as Eggs Toulousians and homemade sausages, are available on weekends.