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Georges Brassens“Le meilleur vin n’est pas nécessairement le plus cher mais celui qu’on partage…”
“The best wine isn’t necessarily the most expensive but it’s the one we share…”

–Georges Brassens (Singer/Songwriter/Poet/Bon vivant)


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Our Wine selection has been carefully handpicked to offer you a dedicated representation of the French appellations. We worked hard to find you wines that truly express the quality of their Terroir. We crafted a food menu with the intention to satisfy small and big hungers and for each of them a suggested wine pairing. Our food and our wine menu are BIG on Local, Organic and Biodynamic farming.

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French Wine 101

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Understanding French wines is the beginning to understanding wine in general. Wine can be fascinating in many ways.. through its history, its terroir, its complexity, its evolution and much more. We want you to come out of our class with a memorable experience and a knowledge you will keep forever.



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AOC East has a large dining area perfect for Private events with its unique décor and Menu pairings. Check out our calendar for the upcoming events and Live Bands Schedule.

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